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Wayne’s Boot Shop   |   Downtown Cody, Wyoming


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Verdello | Sheridan



Bridal Boutique | Cheyenne



Meeteetse Chocolatier | Meeteetse


“my mother suggested… 

that I make a bunch of truffles and brownies to sell during the Cody Stampede as a way to raise money for a new bronc saddle. I said Absolutely Not!? My mom finally talked me into getting a booth at Art in the Park, and that was that.”    – Tim Kellogg, Chocolatier

Meeteetse Chocolatier



by western hands


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“quality is not a luxury, it is a necessity”

Mercury Leather Works, Cody, Wyoming



mercury leather works

We are a small custom leather shop, located in Cody Wyoming, specializing in


and other unique leather goods, made to order . 


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“My muses spring from the natural world….

I live in Wyoming, where I romp with my husband and dogs in the vast, wild spaces and among ancient, exposed geology, flora and fauna of the mountainous west.  My passions are varied, each of which influence my work.”  – Stephanie Zier

Zier Jewelry